Thursday, December 20, 2007

Equality Ride Documentary

Speaking wtih Ally on the phone today, she directed me to a trailer Vince Cervantes put up on his blog (we bloggers are so incestuously connected). The trailer gives a glimpse of a new film about the 2007 Soulforce Equality Rides. Vince and his partner were both riders (and appear in footage in the trailer and I imagine even more in the film). When I met the riders in April to take part in their training, I felt so moved by them, their faith, their commitment and their love. Even in this short trailer it shines through.

And speaking of video...if you have not done so yet, please watch my holiday greeting, A Homo No Mo Christmas!
And look out, a video will be released (maybe later today, by a cantankerous friend of this blog (no not Joe Gee--someone sweeter and more Christian)

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